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All in One Cleanser Spray - 200 ml

All in One Cleanser Spray - 200 ml
Code: P007438108
Brand: Homex

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Disinfection spray - safe to disinfect all kinds of surfaces: door handles, the interior of your salon or shop, of goods before you receive them, switches, payment terminal, grooming table, and even your hands!

Contains 70% alcohol - no need to use water.

  • kills microorganisms on all kinds of surfaces
  • highly disinfectant and effective against bacteria and viruses
  • immediate effect

User manual

  • hold upright and spray from a distance of 15 cm.
  • during any routine cleaning/disinfection of surfaces; e.g. to disinfect the trimming table, equipment or bath after each grooming session
  • don't rinse

Hazard statement
Holder under pressure. Do not place in the sun and protect against any heat source above 50°.
Do not point towards flames or flammable materials. Avoid spraying to face, eyes or sensitive skin and avoid conscious breathing. Keep out of reach of children.
Contains no gas bad for the ozone layer.
Use the product for which it is intended.

Contents: spray 200ml

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