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ear tweezers 14 cm

ear tweezers 14 cm
ear tweezers 14 cm
Code: PINCET mars
Brand: Tools-2-Groom

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Professional tool for picking excess hair from your dog's ear!

When using this Mars Eagle ear tweezer correctly, you can peel away any excess hair from your dog's ear.

Removing excess hair from the dog's ear canal is an important part of his care. The hair grows from the inside of the ear. When too many hair is growing  in the ear canal, this can impede the air circulation, which can cause the ear to become moist and thus  more sensitive to inflammation.



  • made of stainless steel
  • ribbed texture for better grip
  • size of tweezers: 14 cm.



How to use these tweezers?


  • Fix the head of the dog and fold the ear open (backwards) so that you see the ear canal.
  • Apply some ear powder to the hairs to be removed.
  • Grasp the ear tweezers at the ridges between the thumb and forefinger.
  • Carefully remove the excess hair. Take only a few hairs at a time and pull straight out.
  • After removing the excess hair, it is best to disinfect the ear with, for example, Pure Paws Colloidal Silver spray.


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