Performance - Pure Filth Shampoo 5L

Performance - Pure Filth Shampoo 5L
Performance - Pure Filth Shampoo 5L
Performance - Pure Filth Shampoo 5L
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  • deep cleansing shampoo
  • formulated for the dirtiest and smelliest dogs
  • a combination of effective cleaning agents, odour neutralisers and long lasting fragrance
  • perfectly balanced powerful but gentle formula
  • ideal to remove fox poo
  • contains odour neutralisers
  • fragranced with a long lasting tropical fruit scent

 Suitable for all dogs over 12 weeks old  

 How to use?

  • This shampoo can be diluted or used neat.
  • For diluted requirements dilute the shampoo 20:1 adding 1 part shampoo (25mls) to 20 parts water (500mls).
  • For best results use warm water to dilute.

Wet the dog thoroughly with warm water; evenly disperse the shampoo taking care to avoid the eyes, inside the ears and nose.  Work into a good lather, massaging into the skin from the head to the tail. Rinse the dog with warm water ensuring that all suds are removed. Towel dry.

Hydrobath instructions

  • Colin Taylor Grooming shampoos can now be used in your Hydrobath.
  • Add 20mls per 25 litre tank (adjust amount accordingly for different tank volumes).

Content: 5L 

suitable for hydrobath
deep cleansing
odour control

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