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White Chalk Powder 500g

White Chalk Powder 500g
White Chalk Powder 500g
Brand: Bymilo

Ook interessant:

This soothing powder cleans by absorption, not by detergent action.

Contains no abrasives.

For best results, dust coat lightly, work powder well into the coat. Then brush out with a pure natural bristle brush until all trace of powder is gone. The coat is left fluffed and full of body. Smoothes tangles and makes combing and brushing easier. Makes a white coat whiter when applied into a damp coat.

When bymilo™ White Chalk Powder is sprinkled into a damp coat, it will absorb liquid and dries instantly, saving groomers time.

Ideal for last minute cleaning before entering the show ring.

Enhances the natural beauty of your dog or cat coat whether a house pet or a show animal.

Effective on all coats, any color. Wonderful for use in cold weather or when drying is a problem.

Widely acclaimed by Old English Sheepdog, Terrier, Hound, Collie fanciers. Adds body to Schnauzer and Westie coats. Non-toxic.

Content: ? 500g 

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